Friday, November 6, 2009

The Ends of Our Noses

What do you see when you walk out of your church doors? What’s across the street? Next door? Around the block?

I recall Dr. Jim Futral, president of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board telling our state Baptist paper’s readers that their witness was to reach from the ends of their noses to the ends of the earth.

So what is at the end of our nose? Whatever it is, we may need to look no further for the starting point to reaching our world - our “Jerusalem” hometown - according to Acts 1:8. One local church campus is right across from a city school and a sprawling apartment complex. My home church is across from City Hall and on the corner of the downtown area. Within less than two blocks are retirement communities, the city’s Senior Center and other dwellings. Many congregations are neighbors to hospitals, nursing centers, shopping areas, and housing communities from mobile home parks to expansive subdivisions. God has a vision and a mission for each.

As you seek to obey God’s call to “look on the fields” (John 4:35), will you ask Him to let you see (with spiritual eyes) beyond the physical structures of your surroundings? As you go to worship services or Bible studies, consider taking some time to prayerwalk through the nearby communities and businesses, asking for God’s direction on ministering to those who live or work there. Invite a fellow member to go with you. Do it regularly. Greet people you meet, tell them what you are doing, and ask how you can pray for them. You may step right into a divine appointment the Lord has orchestrated to bring a seeking heart to Him!

You’ll never know unless you “follow your nose”.

Best wishes from Benreading:)